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Welcome to Foreclosed Cleaning Services!
Foreclosed Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing you with the most reliable and dependable foreclosure facility cleaning service along with outstanding customer service, accounting support and affordable prices.

We clear, clean, and repair REO bank owned foreclosure homes, including lender, real estate agent, investor, and asset management properties.
Junk and Debris Removal Needed? -- We cleanout the unwanted items that previous owners or tenants leave behind!

We will come in remove furniture, carpets, debris, garbage and more. We take it out of the home and haul it away. If the items can be recycled then we recycle them. All other items are disposed in a responsible and legal manner.

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Foreclosure Cleaning
can clean-out a property, haul away all debris, clean it up, fix minor repairs, and paint it so it's ready for market.

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Call us today
so we can come out within 24-48 hours to give you a handwritten estimate and set a time to get started.

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